Stipple Search
Intelligent photo search

Want to learn more about a photo?

Upload an image using Stipple Search to see if there’s a match from among tens of millions of photos in the Stipple database.

Images in the Stipple database include background information about the image (like who took the photo or owns the copyright), plus additional relevant content that provides insight into the photo.

Why aren't you getting a match?

  • Images that have been altered significantly (such as those that have been cropped, resized, or mashed up) can be difficult to match.
  • While we have tens of millions of images and our database is growing fast, the image you’re looking for may not have been added yet.

Are you searching for an image you own?

  • If you didn’t find a match, we encourage you to add the photo so you stay connected to it, and other searchers can easily find it. It’s super easy to upload your photos to Stipple!

Want to test how Stipple Search works?

  • Click on any image in Stipple and drag it to your desktop. Now drag the image from your desktop into Stipple Search. The image will be matched and returned with the ownership info, plus any accompanying content that was added to it.