Stipple API

The Stipple API allows for programmatic access to the various resources that make up the Stipple ecosystem. As it evolves, it's intended that you can implement your own customized version of Stipple for use in your own projects, whether they be web-based, or otherwise.

The Stipple API is inspired by REST, and closely follows what we feel to be the best practices used by other APIs, for both ease of use for users, and ease of maintenance for Stipple.

Use of the Stipple API requires a Stipple user account, and acceptance of the Terms of Service. If you have any questions about the Stipple API, please email us at

API Change Policy

Stipple will attempt to make breaking changes to the API as little as possible. We will, of course, add new functionality over time. Any addition or change that would not effect currently built apps will be added to the current version of the Stipple API, with no change in version number. If a change would affect existing applications built with the Stipple API, we will give a 90 day notice before the change goes live, and we will increase the API version number as well.

When a new version of the API is released, we will deprecate the previous version, and continue to support it for 180 days. Once these 180 days are up, the previous version will no longer be officially supported, and may be removed at Stipple's discretion, without notice.

Does the Stipple API cost money to use?

The Stipple API is licensed for a monthly or annual fee and may include cost per engagement usage fees. Please contact to learn more.

Are there any request limits to the Stipple API?

At the moment, we do not limit requests. We do ask, however, to keep the number of requests you make to it reasonable, and make judicious use of caching. In the future, request limits may be necessary. We will attempt to give as much advance notice as possible, but the nature of heavy load issues can prevent that.

Does the API have support OAuth?

Versions 1.X if the API authenticate via API key, using the api_key parameter. Starting with version 2.0, the API will support OAuth 2 instead. An announcement will be made well ahead of the switchover.

Does the Stipple API ever have downtime?

There are cases where we schedule system downtime, typically due to a data migration. Whenever possible, we announce this ahead of time, typically via Twitter.

My question isn't answered here!

Please send your question directly to the Stipple API team at